About us

How we started

Everything began as an innocent co-operation between two troops – the 17th Boys and the 23rd Girls. The two troops made trips together and prepared common activities. The water continued to flow down the Danube (it never flows up!) and we continued with our co-operation. The necessity to be legally recognised came suddenly and such recognition has a few advantages but on the other hand we had to start managing such ‘simple’ tasks as bookkeeping and so on. However, the regulation regarding legal recognition was not the only reason we started the group. The time was right to start the group as we had more than 50 members in the Boy Scout troop which was too many. We separated the youngest members and formed the Wolf Cub troop and with these along with the 23rd Girls troop we founded a scout group.
Being in a group has several advantages. The leaders can dedicate their time to working with their troops and not to dealing with the bureaucracy that surrounds us all today. Another big advantage is that certain things can be done for the group as a whole and not individually for each troop (organise a campsite, for example) and therefore work in scouting can be divided and organised more effectively. The formation of the group to extend the benefits of scouting to more children.

Our group was officially founded on January 1 1999. We have gained the number 13.
There are two troops in our group: 23rd Girl Scouts and 17th boy scouts.

To contact us write an email to: info@13zbor.sk. For more details contacts on leaders o location of the clubroom see contacts page

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