Jamboree-the time of your life

If I look back to the beginning of the July, I find myself being not able to imagine how the time of my life should look like. Now, I know that I already experienced it.

The start of Eurojam for me, as a member of IST team, was 26th July. For me, the first impression of the Jamboree was shocking. I have never been at such a big event as this. Such a big area, so many tents to put up, so many interesting people so many jobs to be done……
It took us few days to know all the places and parts of Hylands park, but we managed it. We spent first two days by putting up the tents, attending some trainings and having fun in the evenings. Then came the time of preparing our activities. In spite of some problems with materials given, we were able to start most of our (Slovak) activities on time. Slovak members of IST (International Service Team) prepared several activities for participants of EuroJam : Explore the History (game), Halusky (national food), Kraslice (eastern egs), Cornhusk dolls, Folk dances, Wirecraft, Ringo (sport game), Lietacky and other wool hand-mades.
You can read more about our activities in other article. Written by Katka Pasekova.

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