EuroJam – Slovak activities in EuroVille

Members of 13th scout gropu Bratislava as the members of Slovak IST (International Service Team) prepared several activities for all participants of EuroJam. Our activities were in Mediterranean sea in EuroVille. We worked very hard during eight days to be sure that everybody had a lot of fun. Read more to know how were our activities.

EXPLORE THE HISTORY was a game, in which participants should go through the history of Slovakia. They entered the gate to past a found themselves in the 5th century as a Slaws fighting against Avars. Then, in 8th century they were exploring ancient alphabet given to Slaws by Cyril and Methodius. They experienced good times of Bratislava in the 16th century during the episode of Osmans occupation of Budapest. Through all those centuries they got to 2WW time, when they were as a partisans fighting against Nazi army.
The activity named HALUSKY was about cooking Slovak traditional food made from potatoes, flour, fried bacon and special kind of cheese named Bryndza. What a pity if you have not tried that !!!!! (If you are interested in the way, how it is cooked, just e-mail chefko at pobox sk)
Making KRASLICE is one of the most spread Slovakian traditions. Every Easter, young girls from all over the Slovakia are making these decorations and give them to boys as a reward for boy’s visit. (Actually, girls are not happy for the visit, because of another tradition of boys splashing water on them, but it is a tradition to give painted eggs to boys.)
Maybe you are aware of the fact that Slovakia used to be an agricultural country. Therefore, many people used to cultivate corn. By cultivating corn, they got also another commodity called cornhusk. Cornhusk itself is quite useless, so they found way how to make cornhusk useful by making CORNHUSK DOLLS.
As the people in Slovakia had to work hard on their fields, they needed also the way to relax and have fun in the evening. For the centuries, people were developing several kinds of FOLK DANCES, but it was not just dances…….they create so many folk songs and traditional costumes. Just a century ago, every part of Slovakia had its specific costumes, dances and songs. By attending this activity, you were able to see famous man-costume from Detva that has long sleeves, but the middle part of the shirt is so short that whole belly stay uncovered.
When you had visited WIRECRAFT, it means that you had a great chance to make beautiful jewelers from wire: rings, necklace, buckles, earrings, bracelets….. Crowds of participants really enjoyed this activity, because it depends only on one’s imagination what man could make from wire and it always look so cute.
RINGO become very popular on every international scout-event sooner or later. It is game very similar to volleyball. But instead of volleyball ball it is played with two special rings, made from rubber. It is a lot of fun, even more then in the volleyball. You just need to try it….
LIETACKY is something like wristlet made from cotton of different colours. It is possible to make different patterns it depends only on the way how the cotton-threads are set up.
Photos not only from our activities will be available soon.
Written by Katka Pasekova and Tomas Tkacik.

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