Tatracor – Night field game

Our scout’s group organized on Tatracor two activities: Night battle and Ringo. Tatracornews – the officially newspapers of Tatracor wrote an article about one of them. You can read this article here.

The night battle game of the 13th scout group from Bratislava entertained yesterday already the second group of insane enthusiasts.
From the bus stop it’s further 10-15 minutes by walk into a deep dark forest. Good boots and whole body covered, a flashlight, and a will to experience something totally unusual – all this is wholeheartedly recommended by the organizers. They also assure you that you can’t get lost. The area is precisely measured and visibly marked with a small creek, and if there’s a little bit more rain, you can even find a few not-so-small puddles and marshes, which are also a part of the itinerary. You’ll learn the exact rules on the spot, we just can’t spoil everything about this awesome sophisticated game. The organizers await you every evening and are ready to deal with foreign languages, too. Many times already they hired some qualified human translators, especially for the Hungarian language.
Come to wrestle with your courage, enthusiasm and imagination, but most importantly to have great fun and “let of the stream” – if you still have some left. We believe that you came to Tatracor to give out even your soul, and that’s why this game is for all of you. Staffers, join us, too!

The article was originally published in tatracorNEWS fourth issue, author: Radoslava Jurkovicova – Radka

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